Contract Services Division

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Are you looking for seasoned accountants and financial professionals to see projects through? Do you need interim accounting and finance help to backfill for someone going on leave? We can find just the right candidate with the perfect skills for both short-term and long-term solutions.

Why call us? Here are just some of the possible reasons/benefits:

  • Supplement your existing team, easing their workloads and thereby maintaining employee morale.
  • “Try before you buy” – Evaluate the “fit” and need for the full time position before committing to the costs involved long term.
  • Introduce new skills and expertise to the organization at a flexible cost.
  • Provide just-in-time access to needed talent.
  • A two day guarantee. If you’re not satisfied after 2 days we won’t bill you.

Our Contract Services team works closely with clients to find reliable resources that you can count on. We stand ready to assist our clients on a moment’s notice.